Sabtu, 28 November 2015

Rei Shafa Aqila

Hello Pop and Mommy kiss kiss
Hello Aunty and Uncle

Perkenalkan, namaku Rei Shafa Aqila, Putri pertama dari Pop Firman dan Mommy Tia. Aku lahir pada hari Minggu, 1 November 2015 jam 06.45 pagi.

Click here for my daughter funny video

Selasa, 21 Juli 2015

My Marriage and My Future Child

Hey there... So long ? How are you? Hope you fine
Sekarang gw sudah menikah. I am so happy with my wife, kami menikah tanggal 27 Maret 2015, di bawah ini gw masukin video pernikahan kami. Enjoy :)

Our Wedding video

Posted by Firmansyah Irawan on Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dan jika semua berjalan lancar, anak gw akan lahir di awal bulan November.. THANK YOU for everything.. I still can't believe with my life now.
Oh yes, gw juga masukin hasil USG anak gw, menurut prediksi dokter anaknya perempuan (female baby), di bawah ini usia 3 bulan:

Sekarang usia kandungannya sdh 5 bulan jalan 6 bulan. :) I cannot wait for my child... Saat ini gw tinggal di deket kantor, kontrakan kecil bayar setiap bulan, semoga semua berkecukupan... I wanna make her happy, let the burden come to me and let me feel the pain, not my wife and my future child. P R O M I S E ...

Kamis, 09 Oktober 2014

Contact Center English (JOB VACANCY)

Take home pay 3,750,000,-
...Minimum Requirements:
•Male/Female, max. 35 years old.
•Must be able to speak in English fluently.
•Candidate should possess at least a SMA, Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, in any field.
•Previous experience as call center/customer service officer.
•Knowledge about broadband internet connection would be an advantage
•Able to operate MS Office Suite
•Willing to work in shifting
Job Description:
Handling calls (inquiries, complaints) from overseas customers
Office Location:
Puri VADS, Setiabudi
•Attractive Basic Salary
•Attendance allowance
•Overtime allowance
•Performance Incentive
•Good Working Atmosphere
•Health Insurance
To apply, send your CV by e-mail (subject: "Call Center English") to: and
We also conduct WALK-IN interview every Monday - Friday (9 a.m - 12 p.m) at
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kavling H, No. 1-2
Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan

Minggu, 28 April 2013

Is it fair enough??

My life journey was so hard, I feel so thankful now because I have a better life with friendly friends and a pretty home. Although my family didn’t get together again like what I dream since so long time, but It’s okay… I learn and past the hard way to survive…While people start to ask me a question about my life what can I say just I’m in a fine life… But this is not a conclusion in permanent, I knew some of my close friends know about my story and it was wonderful that they understand me, understand what I feel…Life goes on; I will reach my 27 next September. And now I’m starting again with some troubles. I did it because of the condition that pushes me in a corner of decision. Maybe hurt friend that believe me well… Actually I have a future plan that arranged and all were set up as I thought it will be work out. But unfortunately those good plans were not work out at all like what I imagine, I feel so terrible desperate or it might be worse, keep fooling myself and hiding from the truth. I almost lost my faith about the GOD existence. I wonder so hard about one question…

That question is: “Am I know that GOD is really there for me?” or “Is GOD really exists?” I prayed everyday, am I believe about the miracle that come from my GOD? GOD never answers my question. But the lesson taught me well about GOD existence. Then I start to sit down and think harder, it appear a question again “Am I a human that less of thank about the gift from GOD?”

Until when I have to fake everyone with this selfish and pretend to be greedy? A lot of wishes make me mess up, I’m tired of thing to be useful, I’m bored to pray and begging… In fact I’m a stubborn and pathetic. In fact I’m a clown that fails in this stage of drama life that full of dreams… Feel very comfort to live alone no home. Don’t patronize me with these things again. I’m not invincible and torn. It’s not shades that follow me, but it’s a fill of my life.

Just a little hope that I have… I want it over!

Minggu, 14 April 2013

Summers Daydream Compilation

Summers Daydream, the compilation features indiepop bands around Southeast Asia that has a distginct summery sound which is a perfect mixtape for a summer roudtrip. Most of indiepop has this certain sound that will make you giddy, sunny and bright unicorns and rainbows kind of feeling that is very… summer.

01. Fantastic June – May (Lucky Misu lofi remix) (Indonesia)
02. Colour Contest – Me & your melanie (Philippines)
03. Clover – Sundae Rhapsody (Indonesia)
04. Hug Your Friend – Everyday Love (Indonesia)
05. Pop at summer – Everything’s fine (Indonesia)
06. Carnival Park – Portland, Oregon (Philippines)
07. Cuddle Pop – You (Indonesia)
08. Sunny Summer Day – Happy In The Summer (Indonesia)
09. Mocca – Sunday Afternoon (Indonesia)
10. Apple Orchard – That Happy Glow (Philippines)
11. Monday Math Class – Running Shows (Indonesia)
12. Radiomanila – Discorama queen (Philippines)
13. Leeson – Absolute Beginners (Singapore)
14. Sundae Sunday – It’s you (Indonesia)
15. Blu Army – Good old day (Thailand)
Link direct website: Click Here

Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012

what am I doing now?

hey just wanna share that now my job still taking call for supporting big company from Malaysia..

updating my activiy
manager of Je Artofa still goes on and still searching for gigs etc.. but since now still in the fasting month all thw gigs get slow and theres a cancellation
after lebaran all will be back to normal and inc the promotion

my job
yeah like i told ya earlier this about cs world.. with shifting hours.. and i have to move my board to a new place near the office *afraid of losing much time and cannot saving

this one hmm i kinda not so sure yet... more than month my brain freeze.. i cant produce good song .. afraid of Je will bored and said thT im not producing for his carrier hmmm.. i justt drive it to another social promo with his first demo #waiting ... wish all will answered...

love and friends
hahaha lucky now i have a lot of friends that supprt me... So i never  sad again :-)
o_O love is so abusing me now hoho but you are my light that guuides me on the dark... dont worry friends im not forgeting all of u.. i just confused to my time.. i have to spend and share the time well. For sure we will meet and chill.out